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Safety Officers

The Safety Officer Program is designed so that every lab has at least one individual who is responsible for obtaining safety information, acting as a liaison with the Division Safety Committee as well as the EH&S Office, providing orientation and safety training to new lab members, providing technical guidance for work with hazardous materials, and serving as an evacuation coordinator.

To aid and support the Safety Officers in the performance of this critical function, the EH&S Office provides Safety Officers with training and a reference binder known as the Safety Officer Survival (S.O.S.) Kit. All of the documents contained in this binder can also be found below under Caltech Resources.

Caltech Resources

Safety Office Contacts

        BBE       Lauriane Quenee    626.395.2427

        CCE      Nate Siladke            626.395.2430

        EAS      Dora Gosen             626.395.2204

        GPS      Art Seiden               626.395.2425

        HSS       Art Seiden               626.395.2425

        PMA      Larry Martinez         626.395.2428